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"On the world scene it's one of the most outstanding discoveries of the century."
Dr Barbara Briggs, Royal Botanical Gardens Sydney



Newsflash: Wollemi Pine commemorates 50th anniversary of Australia-Japan Agreement on Commerce

A Wollemi Pine was presented to the Fujiya Hotel in Hakone, Japan on 6 July 2007 to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the signing of the Agreement on Commerce between Australia and Japan at the historic hotel on the same day in 1957.

A special anniversary event involving the presentation of the Wollemi was hosted by the Australian and New Zealand Chamber of Commerce in Japan. Attendees at the celebratory dinner were addressed by the Vice Chairman of the Japan Australia Business Cooperation Committee and the Australian Ambassador to Japan.

The original landmark agreement signed by Australian Trade Minister McEwan and the Japanese Prime Minister Kishi was the catalyst for forging the current dynamic trade and economic relationship between the two countries. Ten years after the Agreement was signed Japan became Australia’s largest export market and has remained so for the past 40 years.

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