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For information on Wollemi Pine in Australia:

  1. Online - for delivery to your door
  2. Phone - call 1800 WOLLIE or 1800 965 543
    (or +61 3 9751 9400)

Wollemi Pine sizes and prices:

Limited Stocks of new season Wollemi Pines are now available.
Order your piece of prehistory now.

Wollemi Pine
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Sizes available:
150 mm pot, approx. 50cm tall A$115.00
($99.00 + $16.00 shipping & handling)

200 mm pot, approx. 70cm tall A$195.00
($175.00 + $20.00 shipping & handling).

300 mm pot, approx. 100cm tall A$300.00 + shipping & handling
(Shipping & handling - P.O.A. based on location)

430 mm pot, approx. 200cm tall A$500.00 + shipping & handling
(Shipping & handling - P.O.A. based on location). Sorry SOLD OUT!

Wollemi Pine Schools Kit
100mm WP
Sorry School Kits are currently unavailable for sale.

Want a Wollemi Pine for your school?

The Wollemi Pine Schools Kit is a great classroom resource for environmental education. It consists of a Wollemi Pine, teachers' resources, fact sheets, poster and more. To find out the details click here

Call 1800 965 543 (1800 WOLLIE)

Please see the following information to purchase a Wollemi Pine outside Australia.

Residents of the UK can place their order now for the first release Wollemi Pines. Visit the UK web site for further details.

Web sites have now been launched for Western Europe (Germany and the Netherlands) and Eastern Europe (Slovakia, Czech Republic, Hungary, Moldovia, Russia, and Ukraine). Check each site for details.

First release Wollemi Pines are set to be available from September 2006, check the Japanese web site for details.
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